How to read VOD files from Amazon S3 on Standalone Wowza Server

I’ll explain how to is possible read the files from Amazon S3 Storage but without using a EC2 instance.
For example your “localhost” or your Standalone Wowza server running on your own datacenter.
I did this for working on my local development environment, I’ll describe the steps for a Linux environment.
1- Download from this URL the 2 Jars, and copy this in /lib directories.
[download id=”5″]
[download id=”6″]
2- Create the MediaCache folder:

mkdir /mnt/mediacache

3- Insert into the conf/Server.xml this lines:


4- Insert into the conf/vods3/Application.xml (create this first) this lines:


And in the end of the file, add this properties (I don’t know is needed this for read Public content):

<!-- Set these two properties to do S3 authentication -->

5- Restart the Wowza Server and try reading from S3 Bucket.
The URL can be like this:


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